The Guesthouse

Old Airline from street

Old Airline Guesthouse is originally built in 1946 and at that time there were no street names so every house got its own name, this house was named Solheimar in 1969 the house was extended as is bit obvious wen looking at the house, but as expected hose needs bit of attention. We have concentrated all our efforts on the inside and are getting to the outside this autumn.

Big bright rooms

Our rooms are very bright and spacious, all furniture is new. Beds have really great comforters an choice of pillows, this is the perfect setting for a good rest after an travelling day

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  • out-4_resized-300
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  • vin-1_resized-300
  • Great Sea view
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Our neighborhood and surroundings have spectacular nature and views, were ever one goes there is picturesque landscape and views.

There are are three types of rooms in the Old Airline.

  • 22-3
  • Big bright rooms
  • Seaview rooms
  • 22-2
  • Sea view suite
  • Seaview double or triple room

There are 2 sea-view double rooms at the Old Airline one is also an  triple room.

  • Double room with sea view
  • Double room with sea view
  • Regular double room
  • 12-2

Our regular double rooms are on the first floor they are the same size as the two on the upper floor. Windows face to the garden terrace.

  • 23-3
  • 23-1
  • Economy room

The economy room is the smallest priced as an single room but we do not mind if our guests like to share the 120 cm bed it is an double for the price of single.

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