The Guesthouse

Old Airline Guesthouse is originally built in 1946 and at that time there were no street names so every house got its own name, this house was named Solheimar. The Old Airline as the house is called by people in Hofn is one of the fist 50 houses to be built in Hofn, at that time the family in the house also managed air transport and represented Iceland Airways, at first there were Catalina air boats but soon Douglas DC-3 took over flight to Hofn. The location of the house enabled them to see over to the Airport that was located on Melatangi across the fjord. These years there were no bridges along the south coast of Iceland so all transportation to Reykjavik were either by air or sea, both people and mercandise, i.e. there was no liqueur store in Hofn so all liqueur was flown in and every one had to fetch it down to the Old Airline, that rendered the house as an social gathering place in town. The Iceland Airways later Icelandair office/terminal was there until 1983, the same family still manages the airport operations, even though the house and airport have gone astray.